My Payday Wish List

I’m sure it’s the same for everyone but January payday seems like it takes forever to come around! My December pay comes a few days early which at the time seems like a great idea as I can get those last minute Christmas presents with out worrying I will run out of money. But in reality it’s a nightmare – waiting 5 weeks to get paid is a struggle! All my bills/renewals happen in January making it a rather expensive month!

I was really good and didn’t hit the January sales but I am desperate to buy some new clothes! I have a long wish list of things I want to buy and thought I would share with you the items that I really want to get this January pay day.

Nine West Harbourn Tan Boots

Between Christmas and New Years I headed to Westfields Stratford for a look around. Kurt Keiger is a little bit of a weakness for me (I used to work there and I LOVE their shoes) so I just had to pop in and have a look! Of course there were sooo many amazing shoes in there but these boots caught my eye the most. Originally £89.99 but discounted in the shop to £49! They are not the normal type of boot I would go for because of the odd length but once I tried them on I just fell in love with them! It was so hard to put them back and walk away and I have thought about them everyday since!! They are on sale online for £44 and if they are still available on pay day they are at the top of my list! Fingers cross.

Nine West Harbourn Tan Boots

Gucci Inspired T-Shirt

These Gucci inspired t-shirts are EVERYWHERE right now and I love them! The Gucci version retails at £340 and it’s a little out of my price range right now! But I have seen a few Gucci inspired versions that are really pretty. I am still undecided what one I will go for but here’s 3 that I have narrowed it down to. Which one is your favourite?

Selection of Gucci inspired t-shirts

Pink Boutique Ripped Dark Denim Jeans

So I tried the whole ripped jean thing last year and it didn’t quite work for me! I have ripped knee jeans which are absolutely fine, but when it came to the one’s with rips down the leg, my thighs popped through the rips like sausages!! Now I know I’m slim, but I am curvy for my size so its proving difficult to find the right pair! I have tried the Topshop Joni versions as these are my go to jeans and I have them in several colours, but the ripped ones just didn’t fit right. I have seen this pair from Pink Boutique that I really like so I might have to give these a try and see how I get on with them. Please leave your recommendations in the comments as I’d love to hear where you got yours from!

Pink Boutique Ripped Jeans

River Island Dreamer Sweatshirt

I love a sweatshirt! They’re warm, comfy and they look great! What’s not to like about them!? I have been looking to add to to my sweater collection and I came across this one from River Island. It’s slightly on the slouchy side so I’m not sure how its going to fit but I love the print and the added rose gold foil detail (I’m a sucker for anything rose gold). Im quite lucky as I get to wear what I like to the office so I think this will be a great addition to the wardrobe for those more casual days.

River Island Dreamer Sweatshirt

I have booked in a shopping trip with mum after pay day so I will check back in with you guys after and let you know what I bought!

What’s on your payday wish list?

Lady Like Laura


13 thoughts on “My Payday Wish List

      • m4gical says:

        Yes! I have a mascara from the body shop, I really wanna treat myself to some things from lush because I feel like I’m neglecting my bathtime a bit haha and some new clothes from romwe (which I’m debating due to mixed reviews) have you ever used romwe? xx

        Liked by 1 person

      • ladylikelaura says:

        You sound like you really deserve it so you should defo have a treat! No I haven’t heard of them before!? I will have to check them out and see! I’m a little bit the same with Shein, I have seen several bits on there at really good prices but I have never used them before! Xx

        Liked by 1 person

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