My January Round Up

Isn’t January the LONGEST month ever!? Pay day took an eternity to get here, the weather is consistently rubbish and everyone seems to have the plague! It’s not a fun month by any means but I thought I would give you a round of of my month and what’s gone down!

1 Month Bloggiversary

This week I hit my 1 month blogging anniversary! I felt that January was the right time to hit the ground running with my blog and I’m so glad I did! I love writing content and Lady Like Lady has given me the opportunity to talk about everything I love. I won’t go into too much detail here but I suffer from anxiety and this has been a great escape as I can fully switch off and just write! I spend most of my lunch breaks buried in my iPad writing or researching for my next post! The blogging community has been amazing! I have spoken to and connected with some really amazing bloggers and have learnt some great tips off them already. I’m so excited for my blogging journey and where it takes me. My aim over the next couple of months is to grow my following and to try and expand on the topics that I cover. I would love to hear any feed back you have good or bad as I’m all about learning and developing!

Song lyrics celebrate good times come on

Work, Work, Work, Work, Work!

Work is crazy busy over November and December, we were flat out but for me that’s heaven! It makes my days go quick and it excites the weird side of me that enjoys having a huge pile of work to get through! January on the other hand slows right down, but I have had a lot of copy writing to do this month which has been a great chance for me to brush I’m on my writing skills. My job has really helped me with a lot of aspects of the blog, writing being the main part. I was never great at writhing at school but now it’s something I love to do! Mainly because I get to write about things that I’m actually interested in rather than given a subject and told I have to write X amount of words about it! Over the last 2 years in my current position I have learnt basic HTML, this has helped massively with my posts and making them look nice and stand out a little. Ive been with my company coming up for 5 years this May and feel lucky to have a job where I don’t dread going in every morning! We have all been there!

Song lyrics work it i need a glass of water

Health & Happiness

I’m not in to healthy eating or healthy living! I like to eat what I want when I want and lazing around in bed is one of my favourite past times! When I talk health I mean my health in general and unfortunately this month hasn’t been the best for me! In fact the past couple of months haven’t been! At the end of November I caught a flu-like cold and cough which really knocked me back and some how it came back around and I picked it up again! The whole office was plague ridden this month and you were very lucky if you managed to avoided it. I seem to pick most things up quite easily and I’m not sure if this has anything to do with some other health issues I have. Not to bore you with it all as I’d be here all day but I have a hiatus hernia which causes me to have high levels of stomach acid ALL the time! Not ideal when you love food like I do but it doesn’t interfere with day to day life too much at the moment!

January hasn’t hit me with the blues like it can do, it’s been a very positive month for me over all. I never set new years resolutions but I was determined to keep a positive mind set which has really helped so far! I like to overthink EVERYTHING but my new outlook as helped me stop this which has made me all around happier! I’m going to take this mind set into February with me and see if I can make a difference to this month too!

Song lyrics because I’m happy clap along

Social Media

I’ve never been big in to social media until now! When I started Lady Like Laura I knew I needed a Twitter and Instagram to go alongside. I never thought I would get into it quite as much as I have! I’ve had a personal Facebook account for quite a few years and that’s as far as my social media presence went, so I knew I need to make a change to get my blog out there. Instagram is where I started, I am posting every Monday, Wednesday & Friday and an extra post each Sunday to promote my new blog post. Seeing the likes build up and gaining new followers has been amazing! It’s hard work with the whole follow/unfollow trend that seems to be going on at the moment but I am determined for it not to dampen my spirits! I have just hit my 200 followers mark on Twitter which is amazing! A little milestone but one that excites me! The support of the blogging community on Twitter is incredible! Not only have I connected with some amazing people, they are sharing and liking my tweets! I’m really hoping over the next couple of months I can grow both channels and get to the 500 follower mark. You can find me on Twitter at and on Instagram at

Song lyrics but first let me take a selfie

How has your January been? Have you set yourselves any goals for February? I’d love to hear all about it.

Lady Like Laura


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