Coming off the pill

At the age of 17 my mum decided it was time I went on the pill. 13 years later here I am…For the majority of the time I have been on the same pill – Microgynon which is now known as Rigevidon. I have tried the mini pill and a couple of others but always went back to this one.

I thought I would share my reasons for coming off the pill and how I’m feeling! It’s still early days as I only stopped taking it 2 weeks ago, so I will check back in, in a couple of months time and give you an update on how the journey is going.

Rigevidon contraceptive pill

The reasons

So most people come off the pill to start a family, this is NOT the reason I am! I have been debating it for a few months now, I had seen a change in my periods (they had become a lot lighter) and it played on my mind a little. I’m 30 this year and in the next couple of years will hopefully be looking to start a family, knowing my periods have become very light I didn’t want there to be an under laying problem. This might sound weird but I just felt like my body was screaming at me ‘TAKE A BREAK!’ So I came to the end of my last pill packet and that was it, I stopped! Now I haven’t had a natural period in 13 years so I cant really remember what they are like so I’m not looking forward to the first one!

How I’m feeling so far…

We are 2 weeks in and I definitely feel a difference in me. The main thing I have had so far is a dizzy, fuzzy head. I know this is my hormones as I was getting a similar kind of headache around the time of my periods (in the 7 day break between my pills). These have lasted from a few minutes to a few hours and it’s not the nicest of feelings – I really hope they pass! I have also had super hungry days! I mean I’m an eater and I’m always hungry anyway but this has defo upped my snacking game! My mood is generally okay but I do feel myself getting grouchy at times which I’m really conscious of as the last thing I want is to bite anyone’s head off for no reason! I probably stopped the pill at the worst time as I have a lot going on in my personal life at the moment and my anxiety hasn’t been great but I’m keeping focused and know that a lot of these feelings are my hormones going wild!

Keeping track

Being on the pill my periods were like clockwork, I knew exactly when it was coming, how long it was going to last and if I needed to I could carry on my pill to prevent them. So keeping track of my cycle is very important, I don’t want to be caught out or not know what’s happening. I was recommended the M. Cycles app by a friend at work, I had to put in my last period, how long it lasted and my usual cycle time. This then worked out when my next one was due and it also highlights the days that I’m most fertile. Now I know my periods probably wont fall back into a 28 day cycle straight away as my body needs to readjust, but this app will give me a good idea as to what’s going on. You can use it to make a note of how your feeling too if you want to look back.

M. Cycles period tracker app

I’m hoping some of my symptoms will die down once my body gets used to the lack of false hormones! Have any of you stopped taking the pill? I would love to hear about your experiences and how long these symptoms last! I hope this helps with anyone that is thinking of coming off it them selves! As I said before I will check back in with you guys in the next couple of months and let you know how it is all going!

Lady Like Laura


20 thoughts on “Coming off the pill

  1. hannahslifediaries says:

    Thanks for sharing Laura. It’s actually crazy what our body goes through, being on the pill and then coming off it again. I came off mine as it was doing me absolutely no favours. I hope your body enjoys its break ✌️💗 xxx


  2. Somethingsotrue says:

    I used to be on Yasmin for years until I started getting numbness in my face and started getting mini strokes. I also had migraines for years which have died down. I ended up in hospital I remember at the time I couldn’t speak, I could hear my heart beating. It was terrifying. I’m ok today though.👌🏻I’ve been on the mirena coil now for 2years. When I got it first week was painful as my body was having contractions. But now best decision I made well it was the only option left as I’m too cared of needles! I’m 27 and I don’t get periods 🙌🏻 Wahooooo! When I eventually want to start a family apparently I can instantly once it’s out so waiting for the hormones to leave which is cool. Kinder to my body. Sorry for the essay! Sophie 💗

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    • ladylikelaura says:

      Oh wow so sorry to hear about your terrible experience 💕 so glad you’re okay now! I haven’t explored other options yet, just need to be super careful until I do! Not having a period sounds good though!! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me xx

      Liked by 1 person

      • m4gical says:

        I recently changed my pill, I was on microgynon before the one im on now as it gave me REALLY bad mood swings that’d put me in horrific moods for 2/3 weeks of the month so I’m a little scared to change again 😂 xx

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    • ladylikelaura says:

      That’s exactly why I came off I just feel like it’s time to have a break! I’ve not had the best day today! My ovaries feel like they are being ripped out at the moment but hopefully it won’t last long! Il check back in in a month or so with an update! Let me know if you decide to stop 💕 xx


  3. crossmeoffyourlist says:

    I came off mine in November last year after 12 years on it and the one thing I did notice was major mood swings. I was recommended to take folic acid to stabilise my hormones and so far so good! I’m by no means trying for a baby but I have found it really helps balance me out. My first few real periods were horrendously painful but have been fine since and actually shorter! I use the app flo to track mine. Great post!

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