GHD – Good Hair Day or Bad Hair Day?

GHD is renowned for being a high end hair product company, supplying us all with straighteners, hairdryers, curling wands and hair care products. I have been using GHD hair straighteners for as long as I can remember and I wouldn’t be without them (trust me I look like a scarecrow before they work their magic!) So what’s the problem you ask!? Here it is….

3 years ago…

I headed to London on my first weekend away with my boyfriend. It was Christmas and absolutely manic! We headed to central and braved Oxford Street. It was there we walked past a hair salon with the most beautiful ROSE GOLD GHD’s in the window! Now anyone that knows me, knows I’m a sucker for rose gold! I really didn’t need them…I mean I REALLY didn’t need them as I had a perfectly good pair of the originals at home that worked absolutely fine. But sod it, I went in and came out £139 lighter and had bought them! They were beautiful!

Rose Gold GHD Hair Straighteners

What happened next…

A year later it all went wrong, they just stopped working! No warning, no reason that was it, dead! I contacted GHD and they were still in warranty so I sent them back and within a few days I had a replacement pair…but the rose gold ones were limited edition so they had stopped doing them and had replaced them with an arctic gold pair. Now they weren’t the rose gold ones and weren’t half as pretty but I was super grateful that they had sent me a brand new pair!

Arctic Gold GHD Hair Straightners

Get to the point!

Another year on the new arctic gold ones done exactly the same thing! So I contacted GHD and again they were replaced with the latest limited edition stylers that are purple and I got a free OPI nail varnish in the set, BONUS! So I am currently on my 3rd set in 3 years. For a high end company I really don’t expect this to happen – £139 is far from cheap! Like I said before, I’ve been using GHD for years and have never experienced this before. I’m not sure if it’s something they are doing wrong with the limited edition coloured ones or if GHD have just lost their credibility? For now I will carry on using them and hope that it’s 3rd time lucky with these new ones!

Purple GHD Hair Straighteners

Has anyone else had a problem with their GHD products in recent years?

Lady Like Laura


4 thoughts on “GHD – Good Hair Day or Bad Hair Day?

  1. thestyleitch26 says:

    Omg as if this happened to you so many times!! It happened to me once before but after a couple of years so I just thought they were old and got another pair …. I’m on my second, hopefully I’m not jinxing it but they seem ok! Hahaa They are just regular black though… I’d feel just like you after the rose gold bless ya! I love rose gold too!! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • ladylikelaura says:

      I know so frustrating! Fingers crossed yours will be okay, when I had the original black ones they lasted years! I was so gutted! The purple ones I have now are okay but it’s just not the same!! Xx


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