I’m Back, Let’s Catch Up!

Grab a coffee, put your feet up, let’s have a catch up! It’s been a few weeks now since I last published a blog post. For those that follow me on here or any of my social accounts will know I have been moving house and have had very little access to internet! So I thought I’d take this opportunity to have a catch up with you guys and let you know what’s been going on in the life of Lady Like Laura!

The Move

Picture of the house

Around 9-10 weeks ago I received a text from a development that we had shown interest in to say that a house had become available. We travelled to Cambridge that weekend to view the show home as that was the nearest place to have the style of house we where looking at. The next day we reserved our house and 8 weeks later we were in! The next few weeks where a world wind as you can imagine! We were super lucky as the whole process was very straight forward, the developers where amazing and so was our solicitor so there were no hold ups! Everyone kept on telling me how stressful a house move was so I was a little anxious about the moving day itself but all went very smooth.

We collected our keys at 10.30 and by 2 we were fully in! It took us around 2 days to unpack and get things straight, it was so crazy and felt like we were on holiday! We met our new neighbours who we instantly clicked with and felt like we had known forever. It all felt very surreal that we actually owned our own home! It’s absolutely perfect! We are still waiting on a couple of bits of furniture, so once that’s all in I will do a little house tour for you all! Keep an eye on my instagram for sneak peaks!

A Break From Social Media

Lady Like Laura twitter and Instagram

We were due to have internet just a few days after we moved in so I was only excepting to have a couple of days away from my blog and social accounts but this turned into 2 weeks! We found out there was a fault on our line and BT messed up so took ages to fix it! I went through a fair bit of data in only a day so decided I had to stay away from the internet! OH MY IT WAS HARD! I didn’t realise how much time I spent watching insta stories and just casually scrolling! Don’t get me wrong it was refreshing and gave me the time to fully focus on getting the house straight but at the same time instagram is my down time before bed where I relax and catch up with the world! I felt like I had lost a group of friends and I was missing out on all the gossip! Saying that I think it is really good to have a break away every now and then to refocus and re-inspire yourself. But I’m now back and raring to go!

Brows on Fleek

Last month I had my brows tattooed, you can read all about it and see a video here. After the initial procedure you have to go back 4-8 week later for a top-up. I had mine last weekend where I had decided that I wanted to go thicker and darker. Polly who done the procedure agreed so we went for it! I am so glad we did, I LOVE them! This time round Polly had a new numbing cream which worked wonders! It just felt like she was brushing over my brows, I barely felt it! I’m already in the crazy itchy/scabby stage but I know it is well worth it! I will be going back for a 3rd top up at the end of July as we covered areas we hadn’t in the first appointment. You can see Polly’s amazing work over on her instagram account here. Having them tattooed has made a HUGE difference to my makeup routine and I can have full confidence knowing my brows are ‘on fleek’ every day! I will take some photos and feature them once my brows are fully healed!

It feels so good to be back guys! Please let me know if I have missed anything super exciting! Drop me a DM on my Twitter or Instagram as I would love to have a catch up with you!

Lady Like Laura


16 thoughts on “I’m Back, Let’s Catch Up!

  1. m4gical says:

    Wow you’ve been so busy! All good things though! I recently moved house and it completely threw me off my blogging routine! I ended up taking about a 6 week break 😅. I’m so happy for you, can’t wait to hear the updates! x x

    Liked by 1 person

    • ladylikelaura says:

      Aaaah amazing have you moved far from where you were? I’m so far behind on everyone’s blogs at the moment I need a huge catch up! I hope your move went good? Thank you lovely il keeps you up dated for sure! 😘 xxx


      • m4gical says:

        Ahh not far at all, in the same town, did you move far from where you were? And my move went well! I learnt a lot and realised how expensive it can be! x x

        Liked by 1 person

      • m4gical says:

        Oh nice! Can’t beat a bit of nice peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle 🙂 and I’ve been moved in about 2/3 months but there’s still a few bits I’d like to get for the place but feel like I need to build up my savings a bit more before I start buying stuff, is there much you need to get? x x

        Liked by 1 person

      • ladylikelaura says:

        It’s so nice! It feels like we are in the countryside but are 10mins away from the Center! I know what you mean, we are waiting in a couple of deliveries at the moment but it’s mainly finishing touches we need now! Xxx

        Liked by 1 person

  2. thestyleitch26 says:

    Bless ya you’ve done loads!! You’re new house looks amazing I bet its great knowing it’s all yours and you can really make it a home! I can’t wait to get my own!!! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one getting so busy and barely having time to post, hopefully I’ll be back in full swing by next week too hahaa xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • ladylikelaura says:

      Thank you so much! Once we have the final pieces of furniture i will do a tour! It’s so amazing knowing its ours! I still cant quite believe it! Aaah bles ya what have you been up to? Il look forward to you next post!! Xxx


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