Tattoo Regrets

Age 18 I decided I wanted a tattoo. Age 29 I wish I didn’t have one! What’s happened in the last 11 years to change my mind? I wanted to share with you why I decided to get one in the first place and what’s changed my mind about my tattoo.

Age 18 – The Tattoo

Lady Like Laura tattoo

I had always wanted a tattoo but like all teenage girls changed my mind on what I wanted and where I wanted it! Back in my chav days I wanted a playboy bunny on my bum! (CRINGE!!!) I’m so glad that phase died out quickly! Being a dancer music was a massive part of my life and I really liked the idea of having musical notes. After lots of thought and playing around with ideas I decided I wanted it to run down my spine. I discussed the idea with my Mum and Nannie who were both not too keen on the idea! “What will you do on your wedding day?” “It’s slutty!” “What will it look like when you’re older” were a few of the comments thrown around. But stubborn me wasn’t going to listen or take their advice! So off I went. 2 years later I added to the design as I felt it was too plain. I had a leaf design wrapped around it. It was horrifically painful but I have a good pain threshold and with that kind of pain, because I know its not going to last forever I really don’t mind it!

I was so happy with it, even mum and Nannie had to agree it was super pretty, not tacky and really well done. When ever the opportunity arose I would wear a top that would show it off! I loved it.

What Changed? 11 years on…

Lady Like Laura tattoo

It’s one of those ‘shoulda, woulda, coulda’ situations. Should have listened to my mum! Wouldn’t have had something so big and visible and if I could go back I defo wouldn’t have had it done! Don’t get me wrong I’m not disgusted by it but I don’t think it’s very ‘me’ any more. I don’t have to look at it so it doesn’t bother me on a daily basis but I am very conscious that it is there and would rather it wasn’t! I know there are certain occasions where I will have it covered, my wedding day will be one of those! I will have a proper makeup artist come and cover it so I can have confidence that it looks naturally covered. Kids, listen to you parents they are normally right! (Sorry mum!) Now removal has gone through my mind but I know it is more painful than the actual tattoo and I know how bad that was so I don’t think I want to put myself through it to be left with scaring that could look worse. So it is something I will live with and I will just have to deal with that. It’s not going to change anything and it could have been a lot worse so I have that to be thankful for!

I’d love to hear from you if you have a similar situation or if you have gone through tattoo removal yourself. Or just share your tattoo story whether you love it or hate it! If you’re reading this and your thinking of getting a tattoo but you’re still not 100% sure, just take your time and think about it before you take the plunge!

Lady Like Laura


17 thoughts on “Tattoo Regrets

  1. Cherylin sutcliffe says:

    Love you babe you did a typical teenage thing. Don’t have regrets just move on. You are a beautiful person inside and out it’s part of your past and we all have those regrets. You will look beautiful on your wedding day as you do everyday xxx you are my world xxxxxxx

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  2. MHP says:

    I’m contemplating getting a tattoo but I’m getting married next year and having the exact same thoughts as you. I’ve been in two minds whether to get it done or not! Great read, I love he musical notes 🙂 X

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  3. jerrycrews1 says:

    Great article! I have a large tattoo on my back that u regret. I got it 6 years ago when I was 18. I’m not going to remove it though. It’s not the worst thing in the world. Lol

    Thanks for sharing!!


    • ladylikelaura says:

      Thank you! That’s my thoughts too I don’t want to go trough the pain of removal when it’s not the worst thing in the world! Would just rather it not be there! Thank you for sharing your experience with me too!


  4. m4gical says:

    Fab post! I have 4 tattoos spread on my left arm, my mum said exactly the same things has your mum and nanna did, it was a big step for me to get my first tattoo as I’m so indecisive and can get bored of things quickly! I got a swallow to represent freedom (I also quit my job and broke up with my boyfriend at the time I got it) I don’t regret any of them..yet but I think it’s important even in your case to still treasure them as it’s who you was and what you wanted at the time, although I’m quite pleased you didn’t end up getting the playboy bunny on your bum 😂😂

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    • ladylikelaura says:

      Ah nice that’s really cool, I think it’s important to have something that means something as it will always have a story behind it no matter what. I love that you had the swallow for those reasons 💕 ah yea defo I don’t hate it I would just rather not have it and if I could have it removed without all the pain I would!! HahHa me too how embarrassing would that blog post be 😂😂 there certainly wouldn’t have been any pics of that 😂😂 xx

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  5. Anna | Yes, Little Hummingbird? says:

    I definitely have tattoos I don’t like anymore, that I think I probably shouldn’t have gotten. But I’m still proud of them; my skin is a walking bibliography. A reminder of who I was and how far I’ve come. Even if I hate the tattoos now, they’re a visual representation of how I got here… Of how I became who I am today. And that’s so important to me. I love having that story on my skin. Of being able to point to a physical part of history and say “this is who I was and what I liked”.

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  6. annaclark1123 says:

    I was incredibly nervous to get my first tattoo! My sister and I decided on getting matching hearts on our shoulder. Honestly, it’s probably the only one I would get because I’m super nervous when it comes to tattoos, being that they are permanent and all! But I love mine and I wouldn’t change it for the world. But it took a lot of thinking and deciding before I actually got it and it would take the same if I ever were go get another one!

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