3 Months Off The Pill

Back in March I came off the pill, you may have read my coming off the pill blog post where I talk about why I decided to come off the pill and what initial affects it had on me. I wanted to check back in with you guys to update you on my experience so far and how it has affected me.

The Symptoms


So in the first few weeks I was affected by dizzy spells and fuzzy headaches. These have died down a lot and I tend to only get them the day before and the day of my period which I always have done whilst on the pill so no real change there.

Period Pains:

When it comes to period pains I don’t seem to be getting any at all while I’m on my period which is a real bonus as I was really expecting them to get really bad not having the pill to control them! BUT…as soon as I start ovulating (around a week after my period) OH MY GOD! The pain is real! I feel like my ovaries are being ripped out of me and I bloat real bad! The bad pains only seem to last a day, where the bloating can last a couple! A hot water bottle and lots of sympathy from my boyfriend usually helps!


I’m a hungry person in general but around the time of the month it gets really bad! I have days where I literally can not stop eating! I’ll have a big meal and 1/2 hour later I could eat it all over again! I find having plenty of snacks on hand and surrounding me on my desk at work really helps! I have a sweet tooth so plenty of sugar keeps me going!


I’ve always had the typical PMT the day or 2 before my period and I don’t think anything has changed…in fact it has probably got a little worse! I try really hard to keep it under wraps but that’s easier said than done! I probably don’t get as emotional as I did before but the grouchiness is another level! OOPS!

The Flow:

Sorry if this is way TMI but I thought it was important to mention it! My periods were super light on the pill to the point where I was getting concerned! Since coming off the pill they have really improved. I would say I’m fairly normal now and they are a little longer but all in all everything seems to be flowing right!

Keeping Track

M. Cycles Period Tracker images

As I mentioned in my last post I am using the M. Cycles Period Tracker app and am finding this helps a lot. In fact I think this app knows me better than I do! I have been super lucky and have fallen straight back in to a normal 28 day cycle which I know is really uncommon and most ladies take a few months to re-adjust. With the tracker app you input the start and end date of your period and it will work out exactly when you should be ovulating and are most fertile (for those of you that want to use it for keep track of fertility) and it also works out when your next period should be due. If you want you can keep a diary of your symptoms so you can keep a track of how your body is working.

All in all I feel much better for coming off the pill, I feel my body was craving a break and I’m so glad I listened! If anything changes I will check back in but hopefully all will carry on swimmingly! Sorry for the lengthy post but I feel this is an important subject to cover! Please don’t worry if you are reading this and you haven’t fall straight back in to a normal cycle, like I said I have been super lucky as most ladies do take a while to re-adjust.

Lady Like Laura


6 thoughts on “3 Months Off The Pill

  1. Inside The Voyage says:

    I had some horrible side effects both during and after the pill. But I initially went on the pill to regulate my periods, luckily it’s done the trick and I don’t have to be on it when I don’t want too. Great post! I really enjoyed, it’s a subject that needs to be spoken about more often x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sagittarius Travels says:

    I think it’s really reassuring to read about somebody else’s experience of a health situation so thanks for writing this post. The period tracker apps are pretty amazing, aren’t they? I think they do know us better than we know ourselves!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jess says:

    I hate not being on the pill haha every once in a while, I have to be off of it for financial reasons, but recently I went back on it in April and it was a different brand. The entire month of April and halfway through May, I was an emotional basket case. I was constantly crying or yelling at Mr. Jess for no reason. Since then, it’s calmed down though haha

    Liked by 1 person

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