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Jess from Foundations and Fairytails recently done the first time tag post and I thought this was a great way to get to know her! (you have to check it out!) So with that in mind I thought I would answer the questions so you guys can get to know me! Here go a few of my firsts…..

First app you check when you wake up in the morning?

Instagram! I set my alarm for about 15 mins before I get up so I can wake up properly. I love having a scroll first thing!

First Broken Bone?

My arm! I fell off as slide when I was 15 and fractured my arm, it was to high up to plaster cast so was in a sling for a few weeks! Going back to school with a sling was not fun!

First foreign country you ever visited?

Spain. It was a family holiday with my great auntie and uncle. I was maybe about 5? I fell asleep on the sun lounger, wrapped in a towel and still got burnt…on my bum!

First Make-up Item?

90s Makeup

Either purple eyeshadow or if this is classed as makeup, coloured hair mascara! Mum used to buy my a No7 eyeshadow palette that had a blue, purple and pink shadow in! I thought I was super cool wearing No7! And coloured hair mascara’s were all the rage! Having a high pony, with 2 bits of hair hanging round your face that had bright colours in was soooooo cool!!

First Ever Tape or CD?

Ghetto Superstar cassette

It would have been Take That, Five or Spice Girls on tape! The first one I bought with my own money was Ghetto Superstar by Pras – I think this is pretty impressive and I still feel rather cool about it!!

First Car?

My mums silver KA – I loved this car so much, I had it for a good couple of years! Someone drove into the back of me and wrote their car off but the KA was a little beast and survived it!

First Celebrity Crush?

Scott from five

Scott from Five!! I had a blue sparkly photo frame on my bedside table with his face in it! I was obsessed!!

First Cooking Experience?

I used to bake with my Nannie a lot, butterfly buns were my specialty!! I liked to help her in the kitchen as much as I could.

First Ever Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

I was VERY shy at school…I remember having a boyfriend for like a day in middle school but was sooooo embarrassed about it I had to get my friend to dump him!! CRINGE! My first proper boyfriend wasn’t until I was in 6th form so I would have been 16/17! I was late to the game!

First Mobile Phone?

Nokia 3210

Nokia 3210 – you could change the case on it and I loved it!!! I remember having a sparkly one on it which really wasn’t me as I wasn’t a girly girl but I LOVED this case so much!!!

First Fear?

Spiders? I have always been scared of them and think I always will be! I don’t have many fears but that is defo a big one for me!

First Internet Activity?

MSN messenger logo

MSN messenger, I spent HOURS on it! Mum would kick me off every now and then so she could make a phone call (back in the dial-up days!) but as soon as 5 hit, that was the time hit would go cheap, I would be on there until I was told to go to bed!!

First Language?

I had to do French up until I chose what subjects I wanted to take for GCSE then I dropped it. Other than that I never studied any language.

First Musical Instrument?

Well everyone played the recorder right? But I took piano lessons for quite a few years. I had a keyboard at home from a very young age and loved playing it!

First Pet?

Russian dwarf hamster

Bubbles the Russian hamster! He was soooo friendly and I loved him so much! I had a few after him but none of them were like Bubbles!

First Soft Toy?

Babe, a beanie pig! I still have Babe now! I would never go anywhere with out Babe, I couldn’t sleep with out it!

First Thought Today?

URGH I wanna go back to sleep!! But who doesn’t think that when their alarm goes off at 6am?!

First Time On A Ship?

Greece, I was seasick before we even left the port! I nearly drowned and some Greek man had to jump in the sea to save me! I’m not good on water at all, I get really sick – I try to stay on land where I can!!

First Book I remember Reading?

I had a huge nursery rhyme book that I loved reading in bed! It was a hardback book and was super heavy but I still sat in bed with it nearly every night!

First Concert?

Hmmm….not proud of this one….Robbie Williams! (Holds head in shame!) I hate him! I went, it rained and I hate him!! That’s all…

First Film I Remember Seeing?

Aladdin and jungle book VHS

It would have been a Disney Film, I had them all on VHS. I cant remember what the first one would have been…maybe Aladdin or Jungle Book?

First Person I Talked to Today?

My Fiancé – he’s normally still asleep when I leave but he was up with me this morning which is always a nice treat!

First Text I Sent Today?


My Fiancé! I was texting him while I was on the bus!

First Thing I Do Every Morning?

Look on Instagram, shower, get ready for work. That’s pretty much the same Monday – Friday!

First Thing I Do When I Get Home?

Kiss my Fiancé then make dinner! I have to crack on with dinner as soon as I can, I’m a hungry girl!

First Time You Ever Got Drunk?

It would have been at a party any home. Mum always let me and my best friend have a few Smirnoff Ice and we would always end up sharing a sick bowl at the side of the bed!

So now you know a little bit about me, I would love to get to know you guys a bit more to, please feel free to answer the questions and give me a tag in your post so I can have a read!

Lady Like Laura


12 thoughts on “First Time Tag

  1. foundationsandfairytales says:

    Loved reading your answers and thanks for tagging me in it! Your mom used to let you have Smirnoff Ice and mine was WKD! I loved making butterfly cakes with my nan too!

    Jess //

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