Basic Skincare – The Lowdown

I’m very lucky and have fairly good skin. I was never a spotty teenager and only now get the odd spot around the time of the month. As I have recently turned 30 I thought I should up my skin care game and start looking after my face as you only get one! I’m not really sure you can call it a skin care routine as it’s very basic and not overly great but it’s what I do each day to keep my skin clean and fresh! Now some of these steps are still fairly new but have made a difference so I wanted to share with you what my daily routine includes.

Makeup Removal

Tesco Sensitive Face Wipes

Now please don’t shout, or judge, as yes I use wipes (*hides*) but they work for me so I that’s all that matters right!? I always have used them and they have never caused me any problems so why fix something that’s not broken? I use the unscented, sensitive Tesco own brand wipes at £1 for 25 wipes. I have tried several different types but these cause no stinging or redness and gently removes my makeup without much effort. This is step one! (For quite some time this was the only step! But I have added a few steps in which have definitely made a huge difference)


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Step two – Micellar Water. The Garnier Skinactive Micellar Cleansing Water is my go to and I know this is the same for a lot of people. I still can not believe how much more makeup comes off when using this! I use it every night without fail, even on the no makeup days I still cleanse my face at the end of the day to freshen it up and it’s amazing how much grime your face picks up throughout the day! I cant recommend this enough, I always get the larger size bottle which lasts me at least a couple of months!


Olay instant hydration anti-wrinkle cream

I’ve only been daily moisturising for the last 8-9 months and it’s made a huge difference to my skin. I use the Olay Instant Hydration Anti Wrinkle day cream, I only use this at night as I don’t feel I need to moisturise twice a day and it really makes a difference to how my skin feels and looks. It absorbs into the skin quickly, it’s lightweight and leaves the skin feeling really fresh. I didn’t aim to start using an anti ageing cream yet but I asked mum for the Olay cream for Christmas and this is what she bought (thanks for the hint mum!) but I’m actually thankful as its one of the best moisturisers I have used!

Face Wash

Balance me beauty pure skin face wash

This is still a step I need to work on as it’s not something I do daily yet but I’m using the Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash around 2-3 times a week and I really like it. It smells great, it reminds me of being at a spa! It’s 99% natural which is a huge bonus and it leaves my skin feeling fresh and tighter. I always feel like I need a good lot of moisturiser after using this which isn’t a bad thing but my skin definitely feels tighter and firmer after using this. I know I need to make this a daily step in my routine and I will work towards this as I’m sure my skin will feel better for it.

Are there any steps or products that you feel I would benefit from adding to my routine? Please share as I’m always up for trying new things and amending my routine as it is still so new! I don’t like to spend a fortune on products so affordable brands would be appreciated!

Lady Like Laura


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