An Interview With – She Who Dares Gins

Welcome to my brand new blog series – An Interview with. Each month I will be catching up with a variety of people from influences to everyday interesting people and will share with you a little bit about them and what they are all about!

Kicking off the series is She Who Dares Gins – an Instagram based influencer who I actually work with in my 9-5! Still fairly new to the Insta game but has a stunning grid and has already collaborated with local brands! Read on to find out more about She Who Dares Gins!

What inspired you to start your Instagram?

I had friends that were Instagramming on various subjects and I thought “this is something I would enjoy doing”. I love taking pictures, it would make a good little hobby and knew straight away I would have to share my passion for Gin!

Why Gin?

Eden Mill Chilli and Ginger Gin

I have always loved Gin, long before it became as big as it is now. I’m constantly looking for new Gins to buy – much to the annoyance of my husband who’s lost a whole kitchen unit to Gin bottles. It was important to start my Instagram about something I could have fun with. I just wanted to share my passion for Gin with everyone. It was also a good way to interact with other Gin lovers.

How did your Norfolk Gin Collaboration come about?

Norfolk Gin

They sent me a message not long after I set my account up, my first post was their Gin (it’s my favourite local Gin so thought it was a good one to start with). They asked me to get in touch and said they would be happy to show me where Norfolk Gin is made. I obviously jumped at the chance. I had mentioned their Gin several times on my page/stories, I think my passion for their Gin showed – which is why they got in touch.

Any tips for someone looking to start up an Instagram account?

Fun! This is important, well it’s important to me. I wanted to find a hobby that I could have fun with, not something that would become a chore and I would get bored of. Try to not get obsessed with all the followers you have or haven’t got, they will come. I don’t have a huge amount of followers but I enjoy it and that’s the main thing. I’m mainly about the pictures and sharing Gins, but if you want to be more successful then I would recommend writing more about the item you post. I also started this up to interact with other Gin lovers, so reply to comments and make comments, I always enjoy this!

What’s the goal for your Instagram?

She Who Dares Gins at The Gin Palace Norwich

At present there is no goal, it’s just to have fun and interact with other Gin lovers. If anything does come from it then that’s an added bonus!

This? or That?

Nights in or Nights out – nights out

Summer or Winter – summer

Beach holiday or City break – beach holiday

Vintage or New – vintage

Movies or Books – movies

Savory or Sweet – savoury

Thank you so much to the lovely She Who Dares Gins for this interview and for kicking off the series with some amazing advice! Please head over to her Instagram and give her a follow – her grid is filled with Gin goodness!!

Lady Like Laura


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