Autumn Beauty Must Haves

Okay so Autumn may have arrived a few weeks ago, and I don’t know about you but it’s been very mild which has confused my wardrobe and my everyday beauty routine a little! As mentioned in my Spring Makeup Obsessions blog post I’m all about switching up my makeup and beauty products depending on the season. In Autumn I love the gold and orangey brown tones so I reflect these in my makeup! I have a few products that I have to share with you this season, I’m obsessed so know you will be too!

Makeup Revolution Re-loaded Velvet Rose Eyeshadow Palette

I actually can’t get enough of this eyeshadow palette! The shades are just perfect for autumn, you can create soooo many different looks and the pigment is incredible! If you follow me regularly you will know Makeup Revolution is one of my absolute favourite makeup brands and I can’t go in to Superdrug without buying a new palette (I’m in excess of 20 now and it’s getting a little ridiculous)! There’s 5 shimmer shades and 10 matte shades, I’m new to the matte shadow game as it’s all about the shimmer for me! But I am getting used to using mattes and am loving creating new looks with this palette. And after all that…it’s just £4!!!

Makeup Revolution Re-loaded Velvet Rose eyeshadow palette

Kiss False Eyelashes

I haven’t worn false lashes for quite some time, but when I had the opportunity to try these absolutely lush lashes by Kiss I just had to snap up the chance! I was kindly sent 3 sets which are just beaut! There’s the Opulence lashes from the 5th Avenue Collection – these are full on glam, full volume lashes that will add the wow-factor to any makeup look! Then there’s the Bustier lashes from the Triple Push-Up Collection – with a 3 layer design, giving them extra volume, these winged lashes have a very sultry look about them! And lastly my favourites, the Midnight lashes which are from the Faux Mink Collection – these are also winged but they are soft, glamorous and elegant! Keep an eye out (no pun intended!) on my instagram where I will feature eye looks using all three sets!

Kiss false eyelashes

Kiss Gel Effect Nails

Back in the day (high school…so 15 years ago) stick on nails where HUGE and I was all about that craze! But they never lasted…unless you used the toughest glue that not only damaged your nails but stuck your fingers together in seconds! But Kiss have release these gel manicure effect nails that are self sticking…and I’m kinda excited about them! I have been sent 2 stunning sets for autumn. Both sets are in a deep berry red and one set has accent nails in a sparkly design (I like to call them the party fingers!) I’m super excited to give these a try as I have heard really great things about them. Again check in on my Instagram and I will keep you posted!

Kiss gel effect nails

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

This one isn’t just for autumn, it’s a ride or die and I just HAD to add it in! I know it’s not a new release and pretty much everyone uses it and there’s a good reason for that….it’s freakin’ amazing! The Collection Lasting Perfection concealer is one of my absolute must haves. I have to thank Abi from Ramblings of a Blonde for this discovery, she introduced me a year or 2 back and I have never looked back. I did however try the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define concealer but it just did not compare! The Lasting Perfection Concealer wears well, gives great coverage and is priced around £4. I use shade 1 out of 4 and it is life! If you haven’t tried it…try it…that’s all!

What are your autumn beauty must haves? Share away…even if they are eyeshadow palettes…a girl can never have too many!

Lady Like Laura


15 thoughts on “Autumn Beauty Must Haves

  1. allthingsalexx says:

    I’m currently OBSESSING over the Revolution Velvet Rose palette too because it is so so stunning! I’m more of a matte eyeshadow gal so that’s why I find this palette perfect, but there are still some shimmers if I ever want to try them! Great post and I love seeing what make up products people are loving right now!
    Alex x

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