Teddy Coat Top Picks

The teddy coat – they are EVERYWHERE in all kinds of styles, fits and colours. I’m obsessed by this coat trend and have already got mine! I know how hard it was to whittle it down to what one I was actually going to buy as every shop has their own version! Some super soft, some more fury and some tightly knitted. This edit shows some of the styles that I actually tried on, I loved them all but I could only buy one!

The Classic Teddy Coat

Warehouse Teddy CoatThis style from Warehouse is what I would call the classic teddy coat. It has a tight knit to it, it’s quite thick and the style of the coat is more formal. This one caught my eye first, I love the rusty brown colour and the general look of the coat. I instantly knew it was good quality as soon as I felt it which is really important for me when buying a winter coat. After trying it on it wasn’t quite what I was looking for as it does have a smarter look to it and I already have a coat that covers that, however it is a really nice coat and it felt super warm and think this would be a staple winter piece. At £89 not the cheapest but I really do think this one is worth the money.

The Colourful Teddy Coat

River Island Teddy Coat

As soon as I walked into River Island and saw this coat I just HAD to try it! I have never been a ‘pink kinda girl’ but something has happened to me recently and I seem to be really drawn to it! I did absolutely love this one and was extremely tempted but I knew it wasn’t practical. I wear a lot of brown tones this time of year and needed something more neutral but believe me if I had the money/space to have multiple coats this would be part of my winter collection! This was one of the most expensive out of all the teddy coats that I tried on at £95 which for me sealed the deal not to get it. It was a huge shame but if you’re a more colourful and bolder person than me, I would 100% recommend this one!

The Casual Teddy Coat

H&M Teddy Coat

If you’re looking for something super casual and incredibly warm this is the teddy coat to go for. It’s a little shorter in length to the others I tried on, it’s got an oversized, slouchy feel to it and it’s really thick. This one felt like it drowned me a little as I’m not very tall but I know it would keep you really warm! I like the relaxed fit it has and the colour will go with any outfit. I think this is the most versatile out of all of the coats I tried and it was the cheapest at just £59.99 which I think is a steal! You can always rely on H&M to keep up with the trends at a competitive price!

The Fluffy Teddy Coat

Zara Teddy Coat

This one ticked all the boxes for me so you guessed it, it was the one I bought! I tried this one on a month or so ago in burgundy and fell in love with it! It’s the fluffiest out of all of the styles I tried, it’s not quite a fur coat but it’s fluffier than you average teddy coat. It has a slightly oversized, relaxed fit to it but it still has enough shape to it so it didn’t drown me! I went for an XS in this one and I still have plenty of room to layer jumpers. I do normally find coat shopping hard as a size 6 never does up round my boobs and a size 8 can be too big, but this one is perfect! I ended up going for the brown version as it goes with way more of my clothes and I’m already obsessed with it! It’s super warm and cosy and it being from Zara I know it will last me the whole winter and still look great. It was £69.99 which for a coat this warm and thick is a great price!

What style of Teddy Coat is your favourite? Will you be joining in this trend this winter!?

Lady Like Laura


31 thoughts on “Teddy Coat Top Picks

  1. foundationsandfairytales says:

    I’ve been trying to convince myself I don’t need a new coat but after reading two posts this morning containing Teddy Coats and really wanting one for months I think I have to get one! I saw the River Island one you included in baby blue and I loved it so much but the £95 price tag is what put me off too! Their prices are extortionate!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

    Liked by 1 person

  2. andthenzen says:

    I want a teddy coat in my wardrobe so bad, I just can’t find one that suits me and doesn’t make me look like an ugly marshmallow.. 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ I love the one from H&M that you’ve featured here though.. 😍


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