My First Blogging Event

On Friday 1st February I was invited to the launch of Chlobeenorfolk’s blog, she was holding an event at a local bar in Norwich. I had been following Chloe for a little while on Instagram and spoken to her a few times and was super excited to finally get to meet her alongside a few of the other Norwich blogging girls that I regularly spoke to over Instagram.

Now I am a confident girl but when it comes to something like this I worry, overthink and talk myself out of going. I knew this time no matter what I was going, although I was nervous and worried about going alone I knew this was my chance to conquer my fear and meet some amazing, like-minded girls.

The Blogging Event

Friday 1st February arrived, I felt sick with nerves but I got in the car and my fiancé drove me to the event. I sat outside the venue psyching myself up to go in, I knew I just had to get out of the car and go and it would all be okay.

I walked in and was greeted by the lovely Tracey and Dionne who straight away put me at ease! After grabbing a sparkling elderflower at the bar I had the chance to chat to some lovely girls, sharing stories about why we blogged and started our Instagram accounts and it was so nice to meet girls with similar interests and that understood the ‘Instagram Life’! Planning photoshoots, editing photos and going places just to ‘get the shot’ – to a lot of people it is bizarre but to us it’s normal and fun!

I finally got to meet Lois who I had spoken to for a few months but had never actually met in person! It’s so weird because you feel like you really know someone and their life just through Instagram so when you finally get to meet them it feels like your speaking to an old friend!

The whole event was to celebrate the launch of Chloe’s blog. Her first blog post went out the night before the event and I absolutely love her blogging style. She so real, talking about her day to day life, her writing style is very different from mine but in the best way. You need to head over and check her blog out and show her the love that she deserves!

Lady Like Laura and chlobeenorfolk

Shortly after Chloe had launched her blog, Ali her friend launched her’s. Ali’s blog is fashion based and her content is so relatable, easy to read and one to follow! I had a good chat to Ali at the event where we spoke about weddings and photoshoots and it felt like I had know her for ages!

All in all I had the best time and am so glad that I ignored the ‘inner-me’ that was telling me to stay at home. All the girls I met were so lovely and I’m hoping to meet them again for coffee to get to know them better. I know when the next event comes up I wont feel half as nervous and I can’t wait! Below are links to all the girls I met Instagram accounts for you all to check out!









Lady Like Laura


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